Fractures or Broken Bones

The Ohio State University research data estimates 6 million people break a bone in the U.S every year. Most of these fractures are either through a fall or a direct impact to the bone. Fractures can be traumatic experiences both mentally and physically. According to research, broken bones or fractures can take up to 4 to 10 weeks to recover.

This means broken bones could affect your work or school during that time. Most doctors recommend restrictions on mobility and use of the limb after fracturing a bone. Broken bones are also very expensive. The studies and tests used to determine a fracture, or a broken bone are between $150 to $1000. The treatment following the broken bone can total up to $2,500 before surgery is even considered.

If you broke a bone due another person’s negligence, then you may want to hire legal representation. Depending on the circumstances, you could be owed a monetary award for the injuries you sustained.

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Fractures occur in all types of ways including public spaces and involving other people. If you know you have a broken bone of fracture as a result of someone else’s negligence, you might be able to make a case out of it. It will help if you pursue legal action now by contacting ReShea Balams at (404) 445-2005.

A personal Injury attorney in the Fulton County area is available to listen to your case and defend you under the oath of law. If you have any questions regarding the whole process involving your broken bone personal injury claim, The Balams Firm will help resolve them for you.

Overview of Broken Bones or Fractures in Georgia

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Did I Suffer a Broken Bone or Fracture?

Most fractures require a large amount of treatment including therapy or surgery in some cases. Fractures can easily be recovered by wearing a cast or some type of medical device, however some fractures lead to other health problems. A broken bone can actually cause permanent nerve damage and joint problems. Broken bones also affect your participation in social activities such as sports or swimming.

Common Symptoms of a broken bone are as follows:

• Swelling and tenderness around the injured area;
• Pain in the injured area;
• Bruises;
• A deformed limb;
• Open wound from the trauma; or
• Loss of sense or mobility around the injured area

An urgent care facility’s research shows the most common fractures involve:

• Broken arm;
• Broken foot;
• Fractured hip;
• Fractured spine;
• Fractured ribs; or
• Broken collarbone

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Negligence in my Broken Bone or Fracture

Personal Injury is a sect of law where either your mind, body, or emotions were harmed. Personal injury, however, does not involve personal property damages. It instead refers to making “whole” the fracture or broken bone you have because of negligence through a monetary award. Personal injury law is based on the grounds of negligence. Negligence comes about when the defendant or the accused did not act in a reasonable manner according to the law.

Some of the most common places to fracture a bone is while playing a sport, in a vehicle accident, or a fall. Most of these involve other places and other people that might make you question whether someone’s negligence became the cause of this accident.

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Types of Bone Fractures

If you are wondering whether your arm or leg fracture is big enough to turn into a legal case, you need to consult with someone first. You can only file a legal case when the injury is severe enough. Broken bones and fractures come in different types and sizes. Common fractures include:

• Greenstick – the bone is not completely broken
• Compression- the bone is crushed and is odd shaped
• Spiral- there are fractures widespread around the bone area
• Comminuted- the bone is broken at three different areas but there are still pieces left standing
• Segmental- the bone is broken in two places within the same area

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Additional Resources

NYU Langone Health information on Nonhealing Fractures — This link provides useful information in assessing broken bone injuries. NYU Langone Health explains the visible symptoms when your bone fracture is not healing. The page also gives healthcare advice on how to speak to your doctor about possible exams and tests used to analyze your broken bone.

National Osteoporosis Foundation Falls Recovery Help — This page provides useful information to victims of falls which ultimately led to a broken or fracture. They provide recovery tips for different fracture types. The National Osteoporosis Foundation also provides a list of professionals to seek help from regarding fractures.

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Attorney for Fractures or Broken Bones in Fulton County, Georgia

The Balams Firm is knowledgeable about types of personal injuries plausible to be upheld under a court of law. ReShea Balams is the perfect person to talk about your broken bone’s incident. She will help you decide whether you have a personal injury case going for yourself.

The Balams Firm serves all across the Georgia region including the counties of Fulton County, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, and Cobb County. ReShea Balams has represented many wonderful cases in Atlanta and Alpharetta, and can represent yours too. Contact The Balams Firm at (404) 445-2005 to get a free consultation today.


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