Paralysis can change your life forever. When you have lost the movement of a muscle, you will no longer be able to live as you did before. You could be attached to a wheelchair for the rest of your life and might not be involved in the same activities you did daily before.

Currently, inside the U.S one in every fifty people live with paralysis. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has researched this data along with its leading causes. Stroke is still the leading cause of paralysis, but physical injury follows right behind it. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation found that a spinal cord injury is likely to cause paralysis in 27.3 percent of cases. Other common causes include brain injury and other bone deficiency conditions.

Interestingly, this data shows the leading cause of spinal cord injuries is motor vehicle accidents, which account for 390,856 out of the 1,462,220 cases. The number of instances where signified physical labor was the principal cause was 313,498. Though the second biggest reason is unknown because of no response, the fourth leading cause for a spinal cord injury was falls. It was found that 90,254 of spinal cord injuries were caused by instances of violence such as a shooting or assault.

If you were paralyzed due to another’s negligence, then you could be entitled to legal compensation. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney today to learn more.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Paralysis in the Atlanta Area

If you are scared by the fact that you are one of the millions of people living paralysis currently, remember you are not alone. Let The Balams Firm work on your case. You do not have to face the healthcare costs associated with paralysis alone. ReShea Balams will work beside you to claim your life and your economic downfall back.

ReShea Balams is empathetic to your situation and will analyze your case step by step. The Balams Firm works with clients in Fulton County and can file a case on your behalf. Call Balams Firm at (404) 445-2005 to get a free of attachment consultation today.

Overview of Paralysis in Atlanta, Georgia

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Types of Paralysis

The more significant the effect on your life, the more you want to justify what has just happened to you. The following are some different types of paralysis in the medical field:

  • Complete or Total Paralysis- It involves the paralysis of all muscles used in your daily life. You have no mobility in any of them and might have a loss of sensation as well.
  • Paresis or Partial Paralysis- It involves some loss or weakness of the movement in your muscles and some loss of feeling in your muscles.
  • Localized paralysis- Just one part of your face or body part has a paralysis. This type is a common side effect of a stroke.
  • Generalized disease- It involves paralysis occurring in places affected by the traumatic injury experienced such as a brain or spinal injury.

These are all paralysis statuses that were affected by nerve damage. Strokes are also commonly found as causes of at least localized paralysis.

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Is Someone Else at Fault?

Accidents in motor vehicles are known to cause direct trauma to your head, neck, or spinal cord because of the way your body positions as the driver or passenger. The accident might have sent you to the emergency room or later on to a doctor’s visit, where they find the muscle nerves have been impacted by the recent trauma. If you have paralysis only after having experienced a car accident, the at fault party of the crash might be liable for your current condition.

Similarly, a physical injury in the spine or neck is often due to accidents in the workplace or a fall. If the fall was on another person’s premises and due to an unchecked hazard, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Physical injuries in the workplace could be at the fault of your employer for not implementing safety protocol or not maintaining a safe premise. If you are paralyzed now because of a fall or accident out of your control, then you could hold the responsible party liable for the long-lasting effect in your life.

It would be best if you considered legal counsel to file a case against medical practice. In the state of Georgia, Georgia’s statute of limitations, 9-3-70 recognizes a medical malpractice action on what is considered by definition. A plaintiff can pursue a lawsuit when a health provider or facility with lawful authorization performed a service or care that resulted in damages like death or injury to any person. The state of Georgia has a specific timeline for when you can file your medical malpractice case. The following section, 9-3-71 defines the limitations on a medical malpractice action, at most, two years following the injury or fatality that happened as a cause of the medical malpractice. Additionally, the court will not accept any legal case older than five years old.

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Additional Resources

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Support — The following page is a community of people dedicated to supporting people who have suffered personal injuries such as a spine cord injury. The founding story of this community of resources stents from an accident that ultimately caused a type of paralysis. They work hand in hand with the American Paralysis Association (APA) to help people living with paralysis.

Cleveland Clinic Paralysis Insight — Cleveland Clinic is a recognizable medical facility for a patient suffering all types of medical conditions, including paralysis. They provide healthcare services as well as online resources to research more on your treatment and the kinds of paralysis existing today.

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Paralysis Attorney in Atlanta, GA

If you think you have to face the traumatic experience of paralysis all by yourself, you might not have to. If you recognize you were perfectly healthy before, and you never expected paralysis to affect everyone inside your household, you need to seek legal help now. You might have been the victim of the traumatic event resulting in the loss of you or your loved one.

Seek the help of someone like ReShea Balams to work on your paralysis case with you. She will help you fight for what you deserve as a result of the accident trauma involving your paralysis. You can The Balams Firm in the Fulton County area. Call ReShea Balams at (404) 445-2005 to seek legal counsel right away.


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