Repetitive Trauma

The United States Department of Labor defines musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) as injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs not caused by slips, trips, falls, motor vehicle accidents, or similar accidents. MSDs are more commonly referred to as repetitive trauma, repetitive stress, or repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) or work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).

While most people think of other types of more catastrophic harm when they think of workplace injuries, individuals can receive workers’ compensation for repetitive trauma injuries. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation does take a greater degree of scrutiny with these claims, however, and it is important for people to have the proper medical documentation.

Lawyer for Repetitive Trauma in Atlanta, GA

Are you unable to continue working in your current profession in Georgia because of an MSD or RSI? You will want to contact The Balams Firm for assistance obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.

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Overview of Repetitive Trauma in Georgia

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Types of Repetitive Trauma in Atlanta

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers an injury or illness to be work-related when an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition. MSDs are considered to include cases where the nature of the injury or illness is:

  • pinched nerve;
  • herniated disc;
  • meniscus tear;
  • sprains, strains, tears;
  • a hernia (traumatic and nontraumatic);
  • pain, swelling, and numbness;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome;
  • Raynaud’s syndrome or phenomenon;
  • musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases and disorders, when the event or exposure leading to the injury or illness is overexertion and bodily reaction, unspecified;
  • overexertion involving outside sources; repetitive motion involving microtasks;
  • other and multiple exertions or bodily reactions; and
  • rubbed, abraded, or jarred by vibration.

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Occupations Susceptible to Repetitive Trauma in Fulton County, GA

OSHA has stated that MSDs began to increasingly appear on companies’ injury and illness logs in the

1970s, leading to the agency citing companies for hazardous workplace conditions. According to an OSHA ergonomics study, the top ten occupations for MSDs include:

  • Nurses aides, orderlies, and attendants
  • Truck drivers
  • Laborers not involved in construction work
  • Assemblers
  • Janitors and cleaners
  • Registered nurses
  • Stock handlers and baggers
  • Construction laborers
  • Cashiers
  • Carpenters

The same study lists the following types of MSDs that affect certain kinds of workers:

Body Parts




Disease Name
ThumbsButchers, housekeepers, packers, seamstresses, cuttersDe Quervain’s


FingersMeatpackers, poultry workers, carpenters, electronic assemblersTrigger finger
ShouldersPower press operators, welders, painters, assembly line workersRotator cuff tendinitis
Hands, wristsCore making, poultry processing, meatpackingTenosynovitis
Fingers, handsChainsaw, pneumatic hammer, and gasoline-powered tool operatorsRaynaud’s syndrome (white finger)
Fingers, wristsMeat and poultry and garment workers, upholsterers, assemblers, VDT operators, cashiersCarpal tunnel syndrome
BackTruck and bus drivers, tractor and subway operators; warehouse workers; nurses aides; grocery cashiers; baggage handlersBack disability

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Repetitive Trauma Resources in Georgia

Georgia Occupational Health Surveillance Report, 2008-2012 — The Georgia Department of Public Health Occupational Health Surveillance Program monitors occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities in the state based on the 22 indicators for occupational health that have been recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE). View the full text of this most recent surveillance report that estimates the burden of work-related injuries and illnesses and gives measures of occupational health in Georgia for 2008-2012. The report states that the “total number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in Georgia has been fluctuating since 2008.”

State Data for Nonfatal Occupational Injury and Illness Cases Requiring Days Away From Work for Musculoskeletal Disorders — The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the principal federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. On this section of the BLS website, you can view reports relating to musculoskeletal disorders for each year between 2010 and 2016 for every state. You can find statistics for musculoskeletal disorders by nature of injury or illness and by part of body affected.

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Find a Repetitive Trauma Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

If you cannot continue to work in your current industry because of an RSI, MSD, or repetitive trauma injury, it is in your best interest to quickly seek legal representation. The Balams Firm helps individuals in communities throughout Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, DeKalb County, and Cobb County.

ReShea Balams is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who will work tirelessly to help you obtain maximum workers’ compensation benefits. You can have our attorney provide a complete evaluation of your case when you call (404) 445-2005 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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