Georgia’s Worker Compensation Laws

Any time you are injured the situation can be stressful, especially if the accident occurred at work. Injuries can happen at almost any job, whether it is an elevator accident at an office job or a more severe accident at a construction site. Each jobs has its dangers, and if you are injured you should know how to get the proper assistance.

The state requires employers to provide worker’s compensation insurance to cover the costs of medical expenses after a workplace accident. The compensation also could cover missed work and disability payments, should the worker need it. If you have been injured, it is important you know how to get the best possible compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

Atlanta Worker Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured on the job, contact an Atlanta worker’s compensation attorney at The Balams Firm. ReShea Balams is a skilled attorney who works with clients throughout the process of filing for worker’s compensation. She is determined to get the best possible compensation for each client.

Call (404) 445-2005 to schedule a free case consultation. Balams represents clients throughout the Atlanta area, including Marietta, Decatur, Buckhead, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, East Point, Smyrna, Lawrenceville, Brookhaven, Roswell, Milton and surrounding areas.

Overview of Worker’s Comp Laws

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Worker’s Compensation Under Georgia Law

Worker’s compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer which would provide you with medical, rehabilitation and income benefits if you are injured while on the job. As an employee, you start receiving the benefits the day you start the job.

The idea behind the benefits is that they are designed to help you eventually return to work, according to the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation. In sever accidents where a person is killed, the benefits are given to the dependents to help with burial costs and lost wages.

The amount of compensation you receive is determined by the severity of your illness and the length of time you will miss work. All authorized doctor bills, hospital bills, physical therapy, prescriptions and necessary travel expenses could be paid. You also may be eligible for medical and vocational rehabilitation.

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What Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Any time you are injured at work, you should report the accident to your employer within 30 days. The sooner the incident is reported the sooner work can begin on getting you the compensation you deserve. If you wait more than 30 days to report the accident, there is a risk you may not receive your benefits.

You are entitled to weekly income benefits if you are unable to work for more than seven days.  Your first check should be mailed to you within 21 days after the first day you missed work.  The benefits likely will be two-thirds of your average weekly wage, but not more than $525 per week for an accident on or after July 1, 2013.

If your accident happened on or after July 1, 2013, medical treatment likely would be limited to a maximum of 400 weeks from the accident date, according to the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation.  If your injury is catastrophic, you may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits.

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How to File a Claim for Worker’s Comp in Georgia

If you do not receive your worker’s compensation, you should file a claim within one year of the accident to protect your rights. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation will provide you with the necessary forms to complete the process. It is crucial you have a personal injury attorney on your side.

If you do not receive any benefits after a claim is filed, you can request a hearing before the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Your claim will be decided by an Administrative Law Judge who listens to both sides of the claim and determines what benefits, if any, you should receive.

Everyone has the right to represent him or herself at the hearing. However, your employer likely will be represented by a lawyer at the hearing. A skilled attorney can help you present your claim and explain why you need and deserve the benefits.

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Finding the Best Workplace Accident Lawyer in the Atlanta Area

After a workplace injury, you need the assistance of an experienced Atlanta worker’s compensation attorney. ReShea Balams will work with you to get the compensation you deserve. Call (404) 445-2005 to schedule a free case evaluation.

The Balams Firm represents clients in Fulton County, DeKalb County, Cobb County, Gwinnett County and Clayton County.


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