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Another person's bad judgment should not destroy your life. When a person acts irresponsibly and causes you to incur expenses for hospital bills, doctor bills and other costs, that person should pay for those expenses. When his or her action causes you to lose opportunities, including the ability to work, he or she should also be required to reimburse you for that.

People in Georgia have the opportunity to seek compensation for these expenses through the civil justice system. An attorney can represent you in obtaining what you deserve, including dealing with the insurance company.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

ReShea Balams is an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer who assists people who have suffered injuries due to the fault of others. She is dedicated to her clients, spending the time and effort on each and every case to achieve the best possible results. She is a skilled negotiator who will take on insurance companies. If they don't offer a settlement satisfactory to you, hes can take them to court.

Contact The Balams Firm today at (404) 445-2005 to schedule a free consultation. Based in the Peachtree Tower in Downtown Atlanta, The Balams Firm represents clients throughout the region, including in Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth, Dunwoody, East Point, Norcross, Forest Park, Smyrna, Milton, Riverdale, College Park, Decatur and anywhere else in Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, DeKalb County or Clayton County.

Dedicated to Fighting for Justice in Atlanta

ReShea Balams is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law, where she earned herJuris Doctorate. After representing insurance companies, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators, she founded The Balams Firm.

She is a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association for Justice, the Atlanta Bar Association, and the Georgia State Bar. She is licensed to practice in Georgia courts both on the state level.

Personal Injury Law, Defined

There are many different types of law. The area of law dedicated to allowing those damaged by the harmful acts of others is called "torts."

Torts are civil law, which is different from criminal law. If a person commits a crime and you are the crime victim, that person may be tried for his or her crime. However, the prosecutor does not represent you. The district attorney for Fulton County, Gwinnett County or any other jurisdiction represents the people of the State of Georgia. While it is possible that the judge will order the defendant to pay restitution, the purpose of these proceedings is to punish the wrongdoer, not make the victim whole.

Torts law, however, is designed to do just that. Part of personal injury law are found in statutes, namely in Georgia Code, Title 51. However, much is passed down by rulings of the Georgia Supreme Court, and more dates back the English courts. This is called "common law."

Seeking Compensation You Deserve for Georgia Accidents

A person can seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit for damages they suffer as a result of another person or a business's intentional act or negligence. A lawsuit seeks to make a person whole after another person has wronged them.

Negligence means that a person has a responsibility, or duty, to act a certain way or not act a certain way and failed. Usually, that means to act as a reasonable person or entity. For example:

The victim of such an act may seek compensation for the full scope of their injuries. That includes hospital bills, doctor's bills, physical therapy bills and wages lost while seeking treatment.

It also includes lost opportunities and costs they will incur in the future. The victim must consider lost ability to work and long-term care. That is why it is important to not settle for a quick buck, and why it's important for a person's attorney to dedicate himself to the best possible outcome for a client.

Recovering From Preventable Medical Errors in Georgia

Doctors, surgeons and other medical professional are held to a higher standard. That is because a patient literally puts his or her life in their hands when they seek their services. Doctors accept a high level of trust in their skill and ability.

When a doctor fails to meet these expectations, the patient can suffer profoundly. Mistakes can have lasting effects on a person's health. In some cases, a preventable medical error can result in death.

An attorney can help hold the doctors, surgeons and hospitals responsible for how they have injured a patient by careless practice. Caps for medical malpractice damages have been overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court, meaning a jury may consider the full measure of damages to a person.

Determining Who is Responsible

In a personal injury case, the person suing, or plaintiff, must prove all necessary elements with a preponderance of evidence, or that, more likely than not, what they say happened did happen. This is a much lower standards than "beyond a reasonable doubt," the standard in criminal cases.

One of those elements will be proving that the person sued is at fault. In some cases, that might be easy. In others, it can be a challenge.

You may have concerns that your actions contributed to your injuries. In Georgia, you can recover if it is determined that you were less than 50 percent at fault for the accident. This is called "modified comparative negligence."

In most cases, you will be up against an insurance company. That insurance company will often try to show that you are largely to blame for your injuries. Your attorney can call any evidence they may try to present into question and fight their claims.

Fighting Insurance Companies for Full Recovery

In most cases, you'll be up against an insurance company, whether an auto insurance company, general liability insurance company or professional malpractice insurance company. They may have already offered a settlement. They may tell you not to hire a lawyer, and that their offer is fair.

Do not believe them. Insurance companies are only looking out for their own bottom line. They may realize that you deserve much more than they’re offering.

As your attorney, ReShea Balams will negotiate for the best possible settlement from the insurance company. If they don't offer a settlement that works for you, he can take them to court.

Finding an Atlanta Trial Attorney Who Will Fight for You

ReShea Balams is a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer who will fight for you if you've been the victim of negligence or any other harmful act. The victims of auto accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls and other incidents of irresponsible behavior deserve the full compensation to which they are entitled. Schedule a free consultation today by calling The Balams Firm at (404) 445-2005.

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